Psi Patrol 45-50 cm bouncy ball John

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Wiekod 3 lat
Wymiary produktu45-50 cm
Waga:0.5 kg
Kod produktu:59546

The bouncy ball with a fairy tale theme provides a lot of fun, but also corrects postural defects and strengthens the child's muscles. Decorated with colorful graphics, it has two handles (corners) for holding. It is particularly recommended for children as a rehabilitation and training device. Such use allows to combine rehabilitation with fun, so the child will be more willing to perform exercises, while feeling the pleasure of pleasantly spent time. Training with the ball also improves the general fitness and condition of our body, and the course of the exercises itself has a playful character


    - blue jumping ball with handles (2 corners)
    - Psi Patrol cartoon license
    - diameter of the ball about 45-50 cm
    - recommended for indoor and outdoor play
    - ideal for rehabilitation and treatment of spinal disorders
    - has a positive effect on correcting posture defects and strengthening muscles
    - the ball can be inflated by oneself

Wiekod 3 lat
Wymiary produktu45-50 cm


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