WOOPIE Małpka Zabawka Wodna do Kąpieli Gąsienica Gwiazdka Kołowrotek Przelewowa + Kubeczek

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Wiekod 18 miesiąca
Materiałtworzywo sztuczne
Wymiary opakowania15,5 x 12,0 x 24,0 (cm)
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The Animals Water Toy from the WOOPIE brand will provide fun time for your child while bathing. The child uses a cup to pour water into the monkey's hat. While pouring water, the monkey's eyes will spin in circles, the mouth will open and pour water directly into the tub. Water dripping from the caterpillar and starfish will set the spinning wheel at the bottom of the toy in motion. The toy has 2 suction cups on the back, so it can be attached to the bathroom wall or bathtub. The toy will not only make the time during the bath more interesting, but also develop the child's imagination, manual skills and awareness of the world around them, and above all, will allow the child to focus and occupy himself while washing.


  • - a toy from 18 months of age,
  • - the set will make the child more pleasant and concentrate while taking a bath,
  • - the water sets some of the toy components in motion, such as the monkey's eyes or the spinning wheel,
  • - the toy on the back has 2 suction cups, so you can attach it to the wall in the bathroom or to the bathtub,
  • - develops manual skills and awareness of the surrounding world,
  • - highest quality workmanship - refined details.

The Woopie company is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic toys in Europe. Woopie products are successfully sold on the domestic market and throughout Europe.

Woopie toys have one goal - to make children happy! Withinthe rich assortment, Woopie has, among others, carnival costumes and fancy costumes for children, but also hanging swings, foam toys, various types of garden toys, and much more! Let yourself be entertained - let yourself be entertained by Woopie!

Wiekod 18 miesiąca
Materiałtworzywo sztuczne
Wymiary opakowania15,5 x 12,0 x 24,0 (cm)


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